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...come and join us.

Server will start on 4th of March 2018 - 12:00 UTC -5

Grand Opening in

Starts 04 March 2018

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Regular System Custom system

Enjoy the game!

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Basic rates / Features



quest rate - 1-3x drop, 1x reward
RB drop - 3x
safe enchant - +3
elem. stone - 40%
max enchant - +20
elem. crystals - 100%


First understands the server

Firstly, we need you to understand the L2W-DarkSeiD gameplay.

Our server is PvP and all the pieces and items aim to increase the experience in the game, the areas of the farm gave you challenges and fun, where with fallen items you can get full in the game without the need for donation.

We use the official features of Lineage2 and customize it so you can have fun and take advantage of everything the game offers, our mode will value retail and craft modes, such as: look for custom armor where it will not be sold on the NPC as on other servers 500x, the collection of items in farm areas to exchange materials in the NPC, Olympilia Functional with unique items, will also be used.

The sets and weapons will be valued as well as the custom items to provide a great deal in the game evaluating items because what would be the grace to get into a server and stay complete in a few hours and have more to do but not get Worry Anyway, nothing will be complicated, as it is official.

With an excellent balance of lessons, we guarantee your fun and create your Duelist, Necromancer, Titan, Bishop, Dagger, Master and many others. We will not be a server of just Mage and Archer, we will test 1 by 1 skills guaranteeing the perfect functioning of all classes.

free class transfer, GM buys up S grade

waiting for more than 9000 Online Players - PvP Massive

heroes every Saturday

Siege / territory wars every weekend

epics every week, window generation time announced

automatic events every hour

siege and TWs every weekend to promote more pvp and more fun!

Protection system - S-Guard helps prevent cheater, bottler and abusive players, plus we have .report command in game

24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and music slots

olympiad max enchant +6

Downloads & how to connect

1. step - download & install client

H5 client

5.7 GB

2. step - download regular system

214 MB

3. step - accounts autocreated

do Not use same password as the username!

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